Sign up and onboarding

How can I sign up to work with you?

Is there a fee to join Expedia? What are the costs associated with listing with you?

What information do I need to provide you?

Who do I contact if I have a problem with an Expedia onboarding form?

What is the next step after I’ve signed up?

I have sent my banking form and COI and haven’t heard anything! Who do I contact?

How long will it take to see my products on the site? What is the fastest way to get my product on the page?

Contract and Insurance

Can I read Expedia's terms and conditions?

What is a COI?

What do I need to know about Insurance Policy?

What if my insurance limit does not meet Expedia’s requirements?

How do I stop working with you?

Banking and Payments

How will I receive payment?

How do I set up my banking details with you?

Does the bank account have to be in the name of my company?

Who will pay for the transaction costs?

What if my bank charges for incoming funds?

What is the commission rate and what does it include? How can I set it up?

In which currency will I be paid and can I change it for my account?

Will I be able to check payment for a specific voucher in your system?


Will customers pay on Expedia or will they be redirected to our page to complete the booking?

What customer information will I receive upon a confirmed booking?

Do I need to confirm that I’ve placed Expedia bookings into my system after I’ve received your notification? How can I accept or reject bookings?

Can I contact the customer directly?

When do I get notifications and for what reasons?

Can I integrate a QR code on the Expedia voucher?

What is a booking cut-off/window?

What do I need to know about reviews?

Will you show TripAdvisor reviews on your page for my tour?

Will I be able to manage my own inventory in your system?

Can we connect to each other via API so inventory is managed in one place?

Will customers pay on Expedia or will they be redirected to our page to complete the booking?

My Products on Expedia

How can I be sure my products are suitable for your business strategy?

What happens when my products are live?

Where on Expedia’s page will my products be listed?

What does ‘Free Sale’ and ‘Evergreen’ mean?

We have both shared and private tours. Will these be added as 1 or 2 separate products?

What if my tours are not free-sell but are on-request only?

How many images do I need per product? What resolution should they be?

Am I able to put my videos as well as images on the site?

How far in advance should we provide our rates for?

Will I have the option to design my product page?

What is Expedia’s Customer cancellation policy?


What is Expedia Local Expert all about?

What are the unique marketing opportunities?

Which brand websites will my products appear on?

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